Palm and Tree Pruning

Pruning can be dangerous work, especially when reducing the height of a tree or thinning a canopy where there is deadwood.  Botany Tree Services have the equipment, skills and insurance to ensure all circumstances are managed effectively and safely.  A small job may only require the use of manual tools such as rope saws, pole pruners and portable buck saws, however when tackling larger jobs our experienced arborists are just as comfortable handling a chainsaw from a cherry-picker.

The notable difference between using an expert and tackling these kinds of jobs yourself, is the safety and efficiency of the work.  Knowing how best to prune considering the uniqueness of each situation, and engaging the most efficient and cost effective techniques is our specialty.

Pruning may be desired for a variety of reasons – not all of which may be approved by the local council.  Botany Tree Services are committed to adhering to all relevant regulations.  We do not want our clients to be fined!  Most people, however, call arborists because the problematic tree is causing a danger to people or property.  It is best to talk to someone at Council about the issue before engaging the services of an arborist.  No work can commence until approval is given, if it is required.

Apart from pruning away dangerous branches, pruning may also be undertaken for the health of the tree or for aesthetic reasons. There may be restrictions under these circumstances, but it is still usually doable.  If in doubt, seek advice from your council or contact us to discuss.

The end result of pruning a tree should be a healthy, well balanced tree with no branches creating danger for people and property in the immediate vicinity.  Managing our urban landscape to include the many beautiful trees we love to include will inevitably require the services of an arborist from time to time.  Botany Tree Services would love the opportunity to assist, and demonstrate our professionalism. Call us on 0403 398 830.