Stump Grinding

The stump of a dead tree is rarely an attractive feature – whether in a garden, park-land or the verge of a street.  There is a reason councils pay that bit extra to get rid of these eye-sores, and it’s not just because of how they look.

Stumps left to rot away are a magnet for disease and infestation.  Wood decay fungi which attack these stumps reproduce by developing spores which spread to surrounding plants through the soil.  If you want a healthy and attractive garden, make sure you complete the tree removal task by engaging the experts to grind the stump away.

Where the stump grinding equipment cannot gain access to the stump because it is located in close proximity to structures or underground services, there may be no option but to leave the stump.  In these cases, it is best to poison the stump in order to hasten the decay and prevent regrowth.  Botany Tree Services can assist with this also, ensuring the stump is as close to ground level as it can be, with little to no possibility of regrowth.

The process of stump-grinding creates a sawdust like mulch which is mixed with the surrounding soil.  This is usually left to settle and fill the hole where the stump once was.  Occasionally, there is more mulch-soil mix than is required.  This may be utilised in other parts of the garden as mulch to fertilise plants and inhibit weed growth around plants.

Stump grinding equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Botany Tree Services will assess your situation carefully before organising the equipment necessary for the job.  Be sure to let the consultant know where all underground services are on your property at the initial consultation.

Where complete removal of the stump is possible and chosen, the experts at Botany Tree Services understand the importance of ensuring no part of the stump remains above the surface of the earth, and every attempt is made to grind away the complete core of the tree stump.  After settling, the area may be used for replanting or the lawn may be extended to cover the site.  Within a year you will not be able to tell there was ever a tree there.