Tree Removal

Australians love to enhance the urban environment with trees, both native and introduced species. The shade and beauty they provide are the reason property owners would rather maintain them than remove them. However, trees, like all living things, have a life span, get sick, may become infested with pests, are subject to their surroundings and may become dangerous to those sharing the same space. Where trees exist in a developed landscape, urban needs are given considerable weight by Councils determining the fate of a problematic tree.

Botany Tree Services support the concept of Tree Management and Maintenance, whereby trees are perceived to be desirable and should be protected. None the less, there are situations where safety takes precedence, and trees should be removed with care and consideration to the surrounding environment.

The number one reason as to why a tree is removed, in the suburban landscape, is that it is endangering lives or property. Another major reason for the removal of a tree (healthy or otherwise) is that its position puts a home at risk of bushfire damage.

There is a 10/50 scheme in NSW which provides for the removal of trees within 10 metres of a home, and clearing underlying vegetation within 50 metres of a home without approval if the home is in a designated bushfire risk zone. Details of this scheme can be found on the NSW Rural Fire Service website. Use the online tool to determine whether your property is eligible under this rule.

Using one of our qualified arborists at Botany Tree Services for the removal of trees ensures the job is done safely, without damage to the surrounding landscape, and should the unthinkable happen, insurance is in place to cover all people and property affected.

Trees may be removed manually using climbing equipment and chainsaws – one branch at a time, or they may require dismantling through use of similar tools and cherry pickers or cranes. It all depends on the size of the tree and its location. Rarely, in an urban environment would a tree be felled. However, land clearing for development may well include felling, bulldozing and use of other heavy machinery for a more efficient result.

For all your tree removal needs, talk to your local council first then seek the advice of an experienced and qualified arborist. Botany Tree Services are happy to give you a free consultation. Give us a call on 0403 398 830.